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You can count on Keegan’s Tax & Financial Services for excellent tax solutions! They’re specialists and highly successful in all aspects of offering compromise including federal and state past due negotiations. They will prepare all back taxes that weren’t filed, any partial filings, and anybody having financial difficulty with affording tax payments.

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It can be very stressful to work on your taxes by yourself. You must be aware of all the new rules and changes, not to mention that many tax forms are required for each type of income or deduction. To avoid paying more than you should, you should also determine which deductions and credits you qualify for. If you had difficulty filling out your tax returns in the past or avoided them entirely, you may be dealing with interest and penalties now. Lucky for you, Keegan’s Tax & Financial Services can help. With over 36 years of experience, their experts are qualified to help you handle your personal or business tax issues. If you’re in Vallejo, CA, reach out to them.

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If you’re facing back due taxes, prior years that haven’t been filed, or missing filings, rest assured that Keegan’s Tax & Financial Services has the solution for you. They offer a wide array of services to help you get your taxes in order.

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  • Tax preparation
  • Missed tax filing
  • Tax management
  • Back due taxes

Say Goodbye to Your Tax Problems

When you’re having problems with the IRS, you need the right people on your side. For years, Keegan’s Tax & Financial Services has assisted many people with their back taxes. Whatever your tax problem may be, they can help you get excellent tax solutions. Their team can help you lower your payment through their highly successful offer of a compromise program. Plus, since they work across all states and have a long track record of success with this kind of work, you won’t regret choosing them as your trusted financial company in Vallejo, CA!

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If you missed a filing or did not file in prior years and are having financial difficulty paying your taxes, let Keegan’s provide you with the solution you need.